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Turn Pricing into a Game Changing Weapon

“Price planning and optimisation is one of the few investment areas that can impact revenue, margins and the customer experience." - Gartner, Inc.

As a global thought leader, in demand speaker, tools and analytics developer, our Principal Consultant, Greg Eyres has seen the cavernous gap left by inadequate or non-existent Tender Pricing processes. Does your “End-to-End" process include Pricing? Industry-leading Pricing?

It's time to start using Pricing as a Competitive Advantage in each and every deal you do. It's time to wrest back control. It's time to start winning better business at better margins.

How InforValue Helps You to Succeed

In order for your tender process to be successful, you must understand your clients, your market and your business. Pricing is so much more than dollars and cents and at InforValue, we believe it is critical your Pricing understands your clients' business issues and the value they are seeking from you.

Ask yourself, what is it that the client is really buying?

We are all familiar with the term Knowledge is Power. Well, so it is in Pricing. Confidence gained from understanding your client better or analysing your own internal data can only result in a placing you in a stronger position. A stronger position to communicate, a stronger position to negotiate and a stronger position to provide value.

Do you know your Price is competitive?

As Peter Drucker famously said, your goal should be to create value. In turn, if you create value for your clients, you will create revenue for yourself. The more value you create, the more revenue, the higher the margin. InforValue gives you the tools to allow you to focus on value and Price based on the partnering relationship this creates with clients.

Is your business based on value?


“We engaged Greg to undertake a critical analysis of our tender process and pricing. He was able to identify opportunities for improvements and provide realistic advice and tools to optimise our business opportunities. We are now in the process of implementing many of these ideas within the framework of our operations. His objective approach and knowledge has been invaluable and we look forward to working with Greg again.”

Melanie Wilson, Bayside Group

“Greg has a rare mix of talents that allow him to understand business drivers, relate that to non-financial colleagues and interpret what it all means. His integrity and desire to look for innovative ways to solve problems would be extremely valuable to any organization.”

Toby Lehman, Aerospike Inc.