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Greg Eyres
Principal Consultant

Based in Melbourne Australia and with 20 years experience in the Finance and IT industries, Greg has seen the power of knowledge repeatedly. The skills learnt during his considerable education has given Greg the ability to interpret complex and seemingly disparate silos of data into coherent and meaningful business knowledge.

Working with a number of the largest companies in the world, Greg has designed and implemented methodologies and tools to dramatically influence the success of their processes. Internal account teams have also engaged Greg and his team to consult on critical competitiveness issues. Many millions of dollars in contract wins and avoided revenue erosion have been achieved as a result of these activities.

With extensive experience working across the Asia-Pacific region, Greg has worked with very senior executives of multi-billion dollar, multi-national companies and also with small business owners constantly under revenue pressures.

Greg has developed some sophisticated data mining methodologies in order to generate competitive snapshots of unique situations. In fact, Greg and his colleagues developed a number of patents and have had a number of articles in industry journals.

Greg has a Bachelor of Economics, is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and holds a Graduate Certificate in Information Management and Systems.

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