Other Services

In many ways, Pricing is all-pervasive and its influence reaches out to many different aspects of your business. As such, InforValue has developed a range of skills that can provide you with real value, whilst understanding the context of their implementation.

Over many years involved in Pricing and Competitiveness projects, it has become obvious that organisations that operate in silos and do not understand their own situation are at a serious disadvantage. Further, if you cannot communicate to the market what you believe in, how can you expect clients to buy from you? InforValue's additional services recognise this and give you the tools to help you to become more knowledgeable about your business and to educate the market about the value you provide.

What We Offer

The Pricing concepts relevant for a tender environment are absolutely relevant for a non-tendering environment. Whether you are offering standard or non-standard services, non-list price products or any combination in between, there are huge opportunities for competitive advantage. Pricing is such an integral part of communicating to the market, yet it does not receive the attention it deserves. InforValue can help educate, establish and implement a holistic approach to Pricing.

In every business, data exists everywhere, but it can be extremely difficult to make sense of. More data isn't needed - more understanding is needed. To do that, it is critical that it is collected and analysed in a common format. This doesn't mean expensive software implementation projects that take years to return a positive ROI. It simply means developing specific tools for your needs. They could range from spreadsheets through to bespoke software through to online/cloud applications/websites. InforValue provides you with what you NEED to run your business better.

Over the years we have developed many different tools in many different software packages. Now, we are in the age of the cloud and we can offer you the ability to build cost-effective websites and online tools. As an extension to that, we have built online apps that can give you the ability to create and consume knowledge on various devices anywhere.

Examples of Websites

Stratas Group Re-branding of existing business planning consultancy
SafeCash Launch of new business marketing and distributing ATMs
Glen Pauline Site exploring a new marketing channel for barrister
Hughesdale School Updating previous site that was out-dated and difficult to maintain
Eyres & Associates Informational site for small learning and development consultancy
KPrice InforValue's own comprehensive, data-driven tender pricing tool