Tender Pricing Services

Pricing is not a once-off set and forget exercise. It is a journey exploring many different aspects of your clients, your market and your business. InforValue will support you on your path to a Pricing process that you can be confident in and delivers real results.

Whether it be a half-day workshop outlining the Power of Pricing, supporting a particular tender submission or implementing a set of processes and tools, InforValue has the experience, skills and knowledge to push you to the front of the pack and give your clients a reason to buy from you. It can be a challenging road, but the rewards are worth it. A study by McKinsey showed that just a 1% increase in Price can have as much as an 11% impact on margin. It doesn't get any clearer than that. You need to start your journey as soon as possible.

What We Offer

Introductory 2-3 hour session outlining the enormous power that Pricing can deliver. Understand the relationship between your organisation, what you are selling and what your clients are buying. What does this mean for your value proposition and how it impacts on your Pricing strategy?

A more targeted approach, we will examine your current process and make recommendations as to how you can Price more effectively. Where does Pricing fit in your process? What drives Price in your Tenders? How do you capture the value the Client is seeking?

We'll help you get a good Price out the door, using repeatable processes. What strategies can you employ to enhance your value proposition and your Price? What differentiates you from your competitors and what does that mean for your Price? How do you talk about Price to your Client?

Taking a longer term view, we will work with you to build world class Pricing now and into the future. We'll implement our unique Evidence-Based Pricing system that uses your own data to uncover knowledge and insights, impacting your entire bid process and rates of success.

Knowing how to prepare, distribute and assess Pricing in Tenders you issue can be problematic for organisations and governments, large and small. Using a defined methodology, we'll help you understand the real business outcome you are seeking and what good value looks like.

Most organisations know they need to Price better, but they don't really know how to go about it. We are very happy to discuss your issues and how you might start moving in the right direction. We are always keen to promote Pricing and its incredible power.